The central working committee of the Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transporters of Nigeria (AUATON) in a crucial meeting held on 23 March 2024. Suspended the general secretary Ayoade Ibrahim in a motion that read a series of weighty offenses moved by comrade Fred Aleburu the national auditor and seconded by Joseph Adaraniwon the national Exofficio, and supported by two-thirds (2/3) of members present and eligible to vote while five other were indifference on the motion.
My name is respected, honorable Hon.Comrade Fred Enaikhe Aleburu, I stand before you this afternoon to present a matter of national interest that will safeguard the union’s constitutionality, unity, integrity, rule of law, abuse of office power, and promote the overall objective of our great union if considered, I have notice and watched with keen interest as the national Auditor severally, the general secretary comrade Ayoade Ibrahim violation and blatant disregard to the union constitution, principle of trade union and authorities of CWC till date without consequences, some of the good example out of many are the following.
The general secretary consistently rejected the call for a meeting by the president and member of CWC in violation of sections 15Dvi,ix, and xii (functions of General Secretary).
THE Refusal to attend the union national symposium and meeting established through CWC resolution without any official message to the CWC is a violation of the Ministry of Labour MOU witnessed by the registrar and also an anti-union practice
Continue to operate in the name of the bloc (nupedp ID card) sent to the CWC group.
In violation of the union constitution as stated under the Preamble and Ministry of Labour resolution
Failure to carry out the CWC resolutions. Anti-union activities. Violation of the Ministry of Labour resolution.
Opening of NEC group without CWC resolution and the purported claim to get AUATON secretariat without the awareness of President and CWC or NEC resolution as constitutionally required
Relieving the President and Treasurer of Admin Right and locking out all National Officers from the CWC platform.
Threats to run a parallel Union, Anti-union, and Personal interest.
The General Secretary Uses the union platform to propagate another union vision and objectives as against Article 3a-k.
The General Secretary proclaims and addresses himself in the union CWC, NEC, and publicly as an officer of another union that AUATON has no relationship with or knows the General Secretary’s relationship in contravention of Article 30:13.
The General Secretary engages in blackmailing and disruption of CWC’s image by instigating state executives against national officers of the union. And going public on a delicate union document yet to be treated by the CWC and the NEC
Failure to provide up-to-date minutes of the union meetings General Secretary which is the core responsibility of the General Secretary. Article 24b(incompetency)
Failure to carry out the CWC resolutions, disruption of southwest Zonal inauguration, and forceful imposition of sibling as vice-chairman
The creation of a personal email for official union assignments and personal business is against the approved union private email info@auatwon.org, he created a parallel group for the State’s principal officers of the union as against NEC and denied member of CWC access
Stampede on the union resolution concerning the welfare of members thereby causing more pain to drivers on the street who are running on petrol.
Article 15d(vi) under the functions of the General Secretary, provides that “at the instance of the president, the general secretary shall issues notices of meeting, of the union organs, In addition, (xii) the General Secretary shall report from time to time to the National President, Central Working Committee, and the National Executive Council.
This statutory provision must be placed in proper perspective in respect of this petition, and the provisions enacted within the MOU are substantial reasons for the replacement of the General Secretary Comrade Ayoade Ibrahim as the following questions require attention;
Did the General Secretary err in refusing the president’s request for a CWC meeting on numerous occasions?
Has the General Secretary become negligible and irresponsible in failing to implement the resolution of the union?
Has the General secretary violated the statutory provisions of his office responsibility by failing to attend the meeting the General Secretary established through resolution of the CWC without sending any official message to the CWC?
How do we regard the CWC’s displeasure with the General Secretary for muting all officers of the union including the President and the Treasurer?
What is the impetus behind the General Secretary opening a NEC group without the approval of the President or the CWC?
Does the General Secretary violate the general principle of trade union membership by accepting to be a member of another trade union without inquiry from his current union?
What effects has his continuous propagation of blocs had on the growth and development of the union, especially its impact on newly established state structures?
How do members feel about his continuous stampeding on resolutions concerning the welfare of the union members?
It is a fundamental principle of the trade to promote unity, democracy, independence, and respect for the union constitution, while the President must leadership direction to the union and the General secretary reports administrative activities to the President, the CWC, and the NEC from time to time, to ensure proper and smooth running of the organization. This is also embedded in the Memorandum of Understanding that was enacted to resolve the misconceptions about rank and file in the union by the registrar of the trade union. Yet, the General Secretary Comrade Ayoade has continued to violate both the constitutional provisions and the rules applicable to this Memorandum of Understanding. His disregard for the law has clearly shown that, if allowed to persist, will degenerate into a chaotic menace that will impede the growth of the union.
The general secretary proclaims of self-serving agenda that threatens and denies the union support from international labour organizations on the ground that a certain 10% of grants accessible and available to this organization for the union must be given to him otherwise the program meant for this fund have to be discontinued.
In reality, this will be the first time in the history of trade unionism that a General Secretary of a union will choose to consistently abuse power and rule over the majority of the CWC resolution as an individual, over the past 9 months, General Secretary Ayoade has presented several administrative challenges to the union despite the constitutional provisions that spelled out the responsibility of a General Secretary, raised false alarm, conspiracy and the threat of division.
The common explaination and practice behind the General Secretary’s behavior is the idea of blocs and threat to factionalize the union, he believes, as the leader of a defunct bloc NUPABTW that renounced early application in writing just like NARCORP and PEDPAN at the federal ministry of labour for the formation of AUATON, rank himself on the same level with the president and feel unquetionable and unanswerable to the president and the CWC, he adopted and addresses himself internationally with the unconstitutional title of secretary general of the union and vice president of IAATW position that’s, unknow to the union, and in contravention of (Article 30 sec13 of AUATON constitution) rather than a general secretary, and in most cases refuse or reject the lawful resolution of the CWC in a clear contravention and violation of (Article 2:i, ii, 9B:1,4,5 9c,1, 16A;5,16D:iv, ix,xi,xii) of the union constitution and in violation of the function of the CWC, president, General Secretary and memorandum of understanding jointly signed and witnessed by the registrar of the trade union.
I hereby request and plead the honorable CWC as a matter of urgency in the overall interest of our members and to save the union from anarchy, destruction, and failure to meet the overall objective of the union, to usurp the constitutional authority of the union and apply the rules governing the memorandum of understanding on this petition, hereby present the following claims against the General Secretary comrade Ayoade Ibrahim for immediate investigation, consideration, and punishment applying the provisions of the constitution, ministry of labour MOU, and relevant labour act.
I Hon, Comrade Fred Enaikhe Aleburu, on behalf of the CWC respectfully move a motion for immediate suspension and expulsion of the General Secretary in accordance with the union constitution and Memorandum of Understanding signed by all the members of the central Working Committee and the registrar of trade unions bearing witness on the day of 15/12/2023.
I further move that the disciplinary committee should investigate and fair hearing to the General Secretary, and the committee should submit their findings and recommendations to the Central Working Committee for review, and such recommendations should be provided to the National Executive Council for consideration in accordance with the union constitution.
Hon.Comrade Fred Enaikhe Aleburu
National Auditor,
Chairman Committee on
Action, Protocol, Investigations, Policy and Security
The central working committee led by the national president comrade Damola Adeniran wants to reassure our members across the nation, partners, and allies that AUATON remains one indivisible union, our focus is the major responsibilities that bother on the welfare of our members as we restore sanity and dignity to the union through constitutional means, the union will ensure that details of this resolution are made available to the right authority and caution members of the public and member of the press not to in any way deal with Ayoade Ibrahim from this date on behalf of Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transporters of Nigeria(AUATON), he currently does not represent the union as General Secretary or in any capacity.
Great AUATWON… united we are stronger.
Comrade Jossy Adaraniwon
Chairman Media, Publicity, and Technical Committee.

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